Sunday, December 2, 2012

three down, three to go

Here we are in San Carlos after another easy drive, this one from Tucson.  We got through the border details faster than ever; about ten minutes to park the car, get the passports stamped, visit the loo, get in the car and go.  No questions, no paperwork, nobody interested in looking in the car.  The only slow down the whole time was due to extensive road work just south of Nogales.  We got to the hotel ~ the same one we've stayed in for the past 11 years ~ about 12:30.  Took our usual room, the one with the biggest 'fridge, and then took a good look around.  Boy, this place has sure fallen on hard times.  The kitchenette has no dishes, pots, pans.  The towels are almost transparent.  There are no blankets on the beds, no patio furniture out on the balcony, and the function of the toilet is iffy at best.  We have surmised that the owners/management have decided to let the place fall down and then sell the property to a developer for high rise condos.  That's what's going up all along this beautiful stretch of beach.  There is a gigantic condo building just to the west of the hotel, built about 5 years ago.  We are the ONLY guests as of now, although more may come later.  We also went into town for gas and the whole place looks down at heel.  This is primarily a hang out for gringos so the downturn is a bit strange.  I don't think it's the time of year; this is when the Mexican beach season is in full swing.  Right now it's warm, sunny, very light breeze; just perfect.  Who knows if this place will be here when we return in May.

Tomorrow we'll head south of Los Mochis or Topolobambo.  It's another short-ish day, probably about five hours of driving.  So far, so good.

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