Monday, December 3, 2012

four down, two to go

In case you're interested, something has happened to the communication ability between my camera and this LapMac.  I will have to wait until I get to a place where I can spend some "quality time" figuring it out before I put up any pix I've taken so far.

Easy drive from San Carlos to Topolobampo today.  We decided to bag Los Mochis and come right here to this old, somewhat seedy hotel that we like so much.  We couldn't get our usual room so had to settle for one without double exposure but with very clean floors, more comfortable beds, an almost silent air conditioner.  It's hot ~ mid-80's ~ so the air is a real treat.

No action on the road except for three or four army/federal police checkpoints that we were waved through.  Hardly any traffic on the toll route, Mex 15.  It's like driving on I-8 from San Diego to Casa Grande; fast, smooth, deserted.

Tomorrow it's on to Tepic, a good 8-hour drive but still on the toll roads.  We'll leave early, get there around 3 PM.  More from there.

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mary ann said...

Almost there ~ good job you two!