Sunday, December 9, 2012

quick update

Just a quick update.  I'm sitting on Jack's terazzo so I can get his signal.  We should be up and running tomorrow.  It's hot and humid but still wonderful to be here.  We have finished comida at Fernando's puesto ~ excellent fish as usual.  Before we went down we managed to get all our Christmas lights up, the creche set up, more tables and chairs arranged.  The garden looks pretty good but needs work, mainly because the iguanas are eating everything that's in bloom.   Tomorrow is the first tianguis  of the season.  I had my first glass of fresh orange juice of the season, too.

After I get internet in my own house I'll put up some photos of various things.  Meanwhile, I feel a siesta coming on . . .

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mary ann said...

ahhhhhhhh, how very wonderful