Friday, December 21, 2012

friday update

Here are just a few little tidbits to fill you in.

1.  No internet
There is still no internet in our house and, if the chefe at Telmex is to be believed, there will not be any.  The server for our little town is full up; no open slots.  And there are no plans for an additional server.  So anuyone coming here expecting to have access is going to be out of luck.  I wish the gent who waited on me two weeks ago had told me this in the first place.  Now I have to go back and have them disconnect everything and refund our money.  I am, as you can imagine, not happy about this.  We may be able to rig us something with Neighbor Nelson when he arrives in January.  Until then, it's Jack's porch once or twice a week.

2.  Mother of all colds
I've been sick for four days with probably the worst cold I can remember.  So I will miss Dago's tonight, alas, but Mr. C said he would go down and order some shrimp and bring them home.  Of course I haven't eaten anything either, and don't really want to, but that might be a treat.

Other than those two events, nothing much to report.  Long, warm, laxyt days, cool nights.  Starting to cough; gotta go home.


mary ann said...

Well, it is a relief to hear from you on this rainy SF day. I don't think I could live w/o internet and that in itself is sort of sad (but true). There is some nasty cold virus here too, but we have avoided it. Happy holidays to you and your ex-pat friends and heal quickly!

Anonymous said...

Liz says:

So very sorry to hear about your terrible cold-- mercy me! Seems you had a bad one last year, right? Do take good care of yourself, and be well for Christmas!

Unbelievable about the local internet connection... Maybe that will change at some point. Can you still get email???