Tuesday, December 25, 2012

feliz navidad

I send you greetings from the balmy, breezy south.  The sea is sparkling out there in front of me, the palms are gently swaying (while the coconuts drop all over the place), and some beautiful Christmas carols are on the Bose.  Of course, I'm not at home but if I were, that's what I'd see and hear.  I'm again over at Jack's and the best I can do from my vantage point is the sea and the palms.

G'daughter Emily is visiting her mother up in Walla Walla.  Alex sent this wonderful picture; the best Christmas treat I could ask for.

Unless, of course, it would be this.

This is turning our to be a very tough Christmas for me, the saddest I've spent since my father died in 1979.  With my sandbox pal and fellow traveler gone it's just not much fun. Her daughter is here and we have been having a fine time exchanging stories, good memories, and laughs.  But it just ain't the same.

To one and all, I hope this day finds you in fine fettle, ready to celebrate the beauties of the season with family and friends.  May the New Year bring you peace.  May it bring us all Peace.


mary ann said...

I so understand your sorrow. Merry Christmas to you and Mr. C...

Anonymous said...

Liz says:

I am so sorry you are so blue. It's certainly understandable. Must be hard for Marny, too. I do hope you are over your bad cold. I wish you & Jim happiness and peace
in 2013.

And, do try to feel fortunate about being in such a beautiful place for the winter. We are having our second "weather event" this week. Some snow & rain, but temps keep it melting...