Friday, July 11, 2014


That is, Be Your Own Barista!

Mr. C is about to celebrate a BIG birthday.  I know he likes his cafe au lait when we're in France, so I decided to bring it home!  I started looking for a milk foamer and found this little gem while in La Jolla.

I gave it to him early so we can (a) try it out and, if we like it, (b) take it on our up-coming road trip.  We used it this morning and it is complete success!

You just put the cold milk in the top compartment, mash the big black button.  It glows red; when it turns off, the milk is hot and foamy!

Pour/scoop it into your coffee and enjoy!

The next step is learning how to do those pretty designs on top.  But one thing at a time . . .

iMac report:  a failing hard drive, replaceable for $100.  Better than having to buy a new one.  All other systems in the machine are fine.   I'll pick it up after we return from Bozeman.  In the meantime, the light-as-Air® will travel with us.

Rx report:  trip to see the doc yesterday to check on the thyroid issue.  Much improved.  Not so hungry, hair loss seems to have slowed.  Better living through chemistry, I guess.  She did say that thyroid issues are more common in diabetics and she was surprised that I've lasted this long without intervention.  I've been a diabetic for 47 years!  Hard to believe that I've done anything for that long!


Liz said...

What a marvelous gadget! I'll bet Jim just loved-- & you for finding it! Happy Birthday to Mr. C, and have a nice road trip!!!

mary ann said...

Happy to Jim - I too love that milk machine!
Enjoy this journey...