Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Bozeman Chronicles

We've had a little bit of every kind of weather in the last couple of days, except snow.  It was very hot, then got cool, then rained, turned sultry, but it's back to lovely clear mountain summer as of this morning.

On Sunday Cait and I went downtown to stroll Main Street, check out the action, go to Vargas, a used book store that carries the BEST selection of cards ever.  I usually get a year's supply of cards for birthdays and other occasions, laughing all the way.  I bought a couple of things to add to the birthday haul for Mr. C.  Then to the market for a piece of salmon for our dinner, then home.  We sat out on the deck for our pre-dinner drinks, enjoying the lovely mountain air.  Us humans weren't the only ones . . .

Then a beautiful sunset to end a fine day.

This is what greeted us on Monday morning.

Cold, grey, wet.  And windy.  But by late afternoon it had cleared up as we got ready to go out to dinner for yet another birthday celebration at the The Emerson Grill.  The restaurant is located in the old Emerson School building in downtown Bozeman.  The city fathers, in a move of great wisdom and foresight, turned the old school into a series of art galleries, a movie theatre, a live performance space, and this lovely eatery.  We had a delicious dinner that was the perfect finish to what has been a great trip.

Today we pack up and get ready to go early tomorrow.  It's a clear, warm morning.  Even the horses are out enjoying the lush green pasture at the end of the meadow.

We will head off to Burley, ID tomorrow, then on to Winnemucca so we can go to The Martin Hotel for a big Basque feast.


mary ann said...

so beautiful!

Liz said...

I'm SO enjoying your trip, Susan! Love those grand-dogs of yours! Speaking of grands, my THIRD great-grandbaby was born on 7/17-- a great big boy named William Alan Croft. Can't wait for pix. He joins a 2-1/2 y.o. sister, Erin. Mother is Samantha, my oldest granddaughter. Mary, second oldest had her first a couple of months ago-- another great big boy, named James Timothy Whitman. And, these ladies are such petite gals!!! Whew...