Monday, July 14, 2014

briefly in Bend

Yesterday's drive was long - a solid 8 hours - and pretty boring until we reached Red Bluff.  The northern valley is flat and yellow, with an occasional silo to obstruct the wide-open vistas.  Then things change.  The flat gives way to gentle hills, then stands of pines - it looks like I-50 on the way to Tahoe - and suddenly, the majestic Mt. Shasta.  There's just a dusting of snow way at the top.

A right turn at Weed and we're headed for Bend.  The sky was heavy with big piles of white clouds.

We got to the Red Lion Inn about 3 PM, settled in and relaxed.  An hour or so later I caught the scent of rain on hot cement, looked outside and rain was pouring down.  If you look carefully you can see the ripples on the pool surface.  Hail! 

 It didn't last long but did cool things down.  We went to the Deschute's Brewery for dinner, got back to the room and called it a night.  

This morning we're up and reading to head on to Walla Walla.  A message from Alex to let us know it's HOT and will continue to get HOTTER during our short (3-night) stay, but fortunately she installed AC in her remo so it should be fine if we stay inside!

These beautiful flower baskets hang all over town (Bozeman has them, too).  This one is from outside our hotel door.

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mary ann said...

you make a boring drive interesting!