Sunday, July 6, 2014

iMac failure

It appears the trusty iMac has had some sort of stroke or other serious electronic breakdown.  It has simply ceased to work.  The screen gets light after I turn it on but that's it. I'm taking the machine up to CoreCare (the Apple repair shop) on Tuesday and am hoping for a quick fix.  It's 5 years old and I really don't want to do a replacement.  Until now it has been a very good machine; big screen, right size for the desk, easy-to-use keyboard, etc.  I have a feeling that what has set it off is the installation of OS X 10.9.3.   A couple of weeks ago there was an article in 9 to 5 Mac about the havoc this OS update has been causing.  If the remedy suggested is to reinstall, I can't do that because I can't open up the machine in the first place.  And the change has completely fouled up the font that shows up on this blog draft so it all has to be reformatted by hand.  Alas.

But back to the SoCal visit.  It was such a pleasure to see old schoolmates.  One lunch at the Beach Club in La Jolla, one lunch at Il Fornaio in Coronado, daily morning walks with Maggie (the dog) in the typical La Jolla June Gloom.  Surfers were out, of course, but not many beach strollers.  Chilly and damp.

We went to Evensong at the Cathedral on Sunday.  The music was heavenly, the choir divine.  Vicky is very happy there, and why not.  Such glorious sounds several days a week.  My hostess was getting ready to pick up a new Golden puppy yesterday (Saturday) to join Maggie in the household. 

The big treat, however, was going to the Sunday morning farmers market held on the playground of La Jolla Elementary School.  The entire space is taken up with sellers of fruits and veggies, flowers, prepared food ~ with a nice picnic spot all set up with tables and benches ~ and other goodies such as Oriental rugs, clothing, jewelry, hats, bags.  All really good stuff.

Baby one-sie
Gorgeous greens

An arresting display of cukes

We bought some of these for dessert.  Sweet and juicy!
For your three bean salad!  As  long as you cook the purple ones separately . . .

I had a completely uneventful return home, leaving San Diego at a cool 72º and emerging from the plane in Sacramento to 104º.  Quite a change.  It's been hot all week but cools down at night thanks to the Delta breezes.  We're expecting heat all week, good for the tomatoes but hard on the gardens, especially with restricted water usage.  Lawns are brown and dry, annuals are dead in their tracks, even the beautiful Crepe Myrtles are looking a bit wilted.

We're heading off to Walla Walla and Bozeman in a week to see daughters, inspect Alex's new house, celebrate Mr. C's birthday en famille.  Our annual summer road trip.  I'll put up pictures on Instagram so if you have it on one of your iProducts, give a look.  I leave you with a shot of a beautiful latte I had with friends on Wednesday morning.  It was as yummy as it looks.


mary ann said...

lovely photos - sorry about your puter and now I will "do" Instagram. Have a splendid family trip!

Liz said...

"We" all enjoyed your trip vicariously! Hope the Mac gets sorted out soon. You still have the Air laptop, right? Enjoyed your photos, as ever! Those cukes look too much like snakes to ever find their way into my salad, thank you very much-- eeeekkkk! :=)

ddmichel said...

my advice - get a new computer - 5 years old is too old - the technology is changing so fast.....