Tuesday, July 15, 2014

wilting in Walla Walla

It's HOT in Walla Walla.  Ninety-seven yesterday, supposed to get up over 100º today and higher tomorrow.  But this lovely little house is cool and airy, protected by big trees and a fully functioning AC.  Alex has done a splendid job in her remo efforts; she took out a wall between a tiny living room and a small dining room to make one big, light-filled room.  The bedrooms are comfortable, big closets.  Hardwood floors throughout.  Small backyard with interesting flowering shrubs - azalias, rhododendrons, a couple of peony bushes, some raspberry vines, ferns, hostas.  There's a small deck in the back that she wants to expand for more outdoor living room.  A work in progress, as they say.    The street is very quiet, shaded by old growth trees.  The houses are big and old and well cared for; I think her house is the smallest one on the street.  She's about three blocks from the campus where she works (Whitman College).  I am so happy she found this little gem.

The drive from Bend to WW is a good five hours, but quite lovely.  It's high plains with zillions of acres of golden wheat fields.  In the far distance we could see the snow-capped Three Sisters mountains, then Mt. Hood as we headed east along the Columbia River.  That is really a gorgeous drive.  Imagine what Lewis and Clark must have thought as they paddled down this beautiful waterway!  We got here around 3 PM, got thoroughly lost trying to follow Google Maps directions, finally got in the vicinity, called Alex and she walked down the street to flag us down.  Yahoo Maps is a better source, I think.

The only glitch so far has been the loss of my insulin.  Mr. C, when packing up the goods we had stored in the 'fridge at Red Lion, overlooked it and left it behind.  Yikes!  First I went to a local pharmacy to see if I could buy some.  After checking with my Kaiser pharmacy I was informed that I would need my doc's approval for a new prescription.  Bag that idea.  So we went to the Walla Walla Walk-in Clinic where I told my tale of woe to a very nice doc who wrote me a prescription.  I finally picked up a new vial of insulin for, gasp! $206.00 (as opposed to paying $15 at Kaiser).  But if ya gotta have it, ya gotta pay.  I may be able to recoup some of this if I do the paperwork when I get home.  Meanwhile, I now have plenty of insulin to get me through the trip.  And as a bonus the clinic gave me a new insulated carrying case!

On the program for today, a trip to the campus library, some sightseeing, and a celebratory dinner tonight.  And a lot of lounging around, I expect.


Liz said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Alex's house!!! I would kill for that house here or in Palm Springs!!!
So sorry about your insulin mishap-- yes, one is grateful for one's inexpensive medicine. I always gasp when I see the actual cost of a med that I am picking up for the first time. I just pay a pittance. I sometimes feel guilty, but ALWAYS lucky!

mary ann said...

what a great trip (despite insulin issue) and I too love this delightful home - good job, Alex!