Saturday, July 12, 2014

poolside cocktails

Last evening we enjoyed a couple of bottles of Dolce Vita®  prosecco with our former and current neighbors.  Robin (l) was visiting from Washington, DC where she currently lives.  She lived next to us for many years before moving to Maryland.  She returned for two years and stayed in our house during our Mexican trips.  Erin (r) lives in the house behind ours.  We were celebrating Robin's visit and Erin's recent retirement from the Big U after who-knows-how-many-years of "faithful service."  Does she look happy or what?  Great to get caught up with Robin who spent a year as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco and from her wonderful stories, loved every minute of it.

Today is packing, laundry, banking, etc., all those things one does before leaving on a trip.  The car has had its oil changed, its tires rotated, its (bottomless) gas tank filled.  We're ready to take off for Bend, OR early tomorrow morning.  Next post from there.

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