Saturday, June 28, 2014

one flight, two frights, three cheers

I am using a non-Apple computer and I have no idea how to put up photos so this will be an unillustrated post!  My hostess doesn't have Wi-Fi so I didn't bother to bring the Air. 

First, the flight.  Thursday afternoon from Sac to San Diego.  Then the frights.  I have no idea what happened.  The pilot announced we were 18 minutes from landing and be sure the seat belts are securely fastened blah blah blah.   But the plane flew far beyond the San Diego airport, ,\ over Coronado and the Naval Air Station almost to the Mexican border.  Then it headed east, slowing air speed and losing altitude as we went.   This was the first fright.  After about 15 minutes of this I began to get just a bit edgy.  On we went, slowly.  Suddenly there was a big thud ~ wheel dropping? ~ followed by a slight acceleration and a wide, gradual arc north and finally northwest.  Some 20 minutes later we landed.  I realized when we touched down that I was gripping the armrests so hard my hands were cramped.    Perhaps the wheel wouldn't drop down and it had to be fussed with.  I don't know and nothing was said but the passengers were very quiet during all of this so I was not the only one who noticed.   The next fright was the van driver who decided he'd try to set some land speed record between the airport and my destination in La Jolla.  A veritable Juan Fangio

But three cheers, I made it safely to the welcome of my hostess and her beautiful retriever, Maggie.  And here I'll stay until Monday when I return home on a completely uneventful flight.  Right!


mary ann said...

scary stuff - now just enjoy your vacation!

Liz said...

Good grief!!! By far the scariest fright had to be the dude who drove you to LaJolla! Since the pilot nor anyone else said anything, it was probably just something routine going on. Hope you have a fun time!