Friday, June 13, 2014

doing our part

This is our water-collecting bucket now installed in the shower.  With all the talk of drought and the new water rates in our fair town, we've decided that wasting a drop is almost a cardinal sin.  So now it goes from here outside to keep these beauties irrigated and blooming.

Only about half the buds have opened but the show is already beautiful.

Happy Father's Day to all the  Dads who may happen to read this greeting.  I wish I still had one so I could tell him what a fine father he was to both my sister and me.  I hope I told him enough while he was here.

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Liz said...

What a lovely photo of that daisy corner of your garden! And, that's a banner idea for saving water. (My God, what a horrid drought!)

Speaking of water conservation, I am really ticked off about Baltimore City's water policy, where, if you use very little water (like me), you still get charged a hefty "minimum charge." So, there is not much monetary incentive to conserve. I think it's a big mistake...