Wednesday, June 25, 2014

the week's doings

On Monday evening I met friends for a long-delayed dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  They serve Indio beer, my beach staple, and pretty good chiles rellenos.  We sat out in the patio in the lovely, warm evening and got all caught up on the news of mutual friends and colleagues from the past.  These lovely papel picados fluttered above in the soft Delta breeze (thank goodness for those cooling Delta breezes).

The ones I have are made of the thinnest, most flimsy tissue paper and are good for only a few days and then they shred and fade or get soggy in the moist beach air.  But these are made of plastic and would probably last for the entire season.  I gotta get me some.

This morning, on my walk, I saw these bright yellow beauties, their faces turned to the early sun.  They are along the edge of a vacant lot.  We have the birds to thank, I think.

A not-so-good pix taken with iPod.  Need to take with "real" camera to get close-up.
Tomorrow I take off for my annual visit with friends in La Jolla.  On the program are:  visit with Donna in La Jolla on Friday, lunch with Sandy on Saturday ~ we'll go to Il Fornaio in Coronado and snag a table by the windows with a dynamite view of the bay ~ Evensong at St. Paul's Cathedral on Sunday afternoon and a visit with my sister, Vicky, who is buried there, then home on Monday.  There will be walks ~ to the beach, along Girard Street, around the old campus ~ and some good eats.  And lots and lots of talk.  The world is always a better place after we solve its problems.  I'll take pictures and post them when I get home.

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mary ann said...

Have a great time - looking forward to the pix and report.