Friday, June 6, 2014

last weekend

A week after their lovely visit with us I am finally getting around to remembering what we did with Andrew and Ariel.  They came up from SF on the train, brought their bikes and managed to take two long rides, one on Saturday to Winters and one on Sunday to Dixon.  Otherwise, it was read, relax, chat, nap, swim and just generally veg out.  Both of them have very busy careers so it was a welcome down time for them.  They are both very interesting, smart, funny children . . . well, 25 year old "children"  . . . who seem to have a very good time together.  They got back on the train on Sunday in the late afternoon and were back home in time for dinner.  This train service down the Valley is a great way to go; no traffic jams to worry about, a beautiful route all the way to Emeryville, then a quick bus ride into the city to about a dozen different stops.  I've done it several times and always enjoy it.

Yesterday I watched "Still Mine", a beautifully done love story with the elusive and brilliant James Cromwell (I've been a fan since "Babe") and Genevi√©ve Bujold as an aging couple in the wilds of Ontario, Canada.  They have lived a pretty bohemian life and are now confronted by a new generation guided by soulless rules and regulations that will, if successful, destroy their way of life.   Three tissues.

 Don't forget the Belmont Stakes on Saturday.  Let's see if our California kid can pull a hat trick and win it.  I'm betting he can.

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Liz said...

Go California Chrome!!! I can hardly wait--got it programmed to record!

I've taken that train ride up & back to/from Sacto/SF or Oakland. It is a very nice ride, and is a sure winner if you are in the Bay Area w/out a car.

Open House here tomorrow-- about the 5th one since early March. Always well attended, but "no cigar," as they say. We have an here-to-for unheard-of glut of houses for sale in my neighborhood, and NOTHING is moving! Usually, there's not enough inventory to meet demand in Butchers Hill.

I gave my agent notice that I'm taking my house off the market on July 1. It will have been 111 days at that point, and only 2 agents have brought people to see it. I'm running my own ad in the Johns Hopkins July/August Gazette, a publication that's widely circulated throughout the university and med center. I heard from their ad lady that real estate ads in there really work! (Our neighborhood is within walking distance of JH Med Center/hospital.)