Sunday, June 22, 2014

nature in the nabe

Yesterday afternoon I sat out in the garden to finish up the book I was listening to ~ Heads in Beds:  a reckless memoir of hotels, hustles, and so-called hospitality* ~ when I noticed something bright blue flitting around in the oleanders.  I got the trusty Lumex, used the powerful zoom, and saw this gorgeous, delicate dragonfly dining on the nectar of the blossoms.

For even more of nature's beauties, here's a photo of a beautiful garden in my neighborhood.  The owner has planted one or two of favorite everythings.  The result is a riot of color and about a thousand shades of green.  She/he changes these beds seasonally so there's always something growing and blooming.  

Taken with the iPod camera
A feast for the eye of the early morning walker. 

*  Thanks, MSMASSF for the book recommendation.  Loved it! 


mary ann said...

beautiful photos and I'm so glad you enjoyed the book - there is always a better room availlale!

Liz said...

What gorgeous pix, Susan! The dragonflies are stellar, and the neighbor's garden a total treat!