Monday, June 9, 2014

it's carpet cleaning time

We moved all the furniture (except the one ton bed) out of the house this morning in anticipation of the arrival of Bob the Carpet Guy.  He showed up right on time and we left him in charge.  Fortunately we only have three rooms with carpet so it didn't take long.  We took a ride up to the campus to renew our library cards, stopped by the bank to check out the contents of the safe deposit box, and made it back just as Bob the Carpet Guy was finishing up.  It's hot as blazes today so the carpets are dry by now.  Furniture replacement tomorrow morning when it's cool.

Living room

Bedroom; everything out but the bed

Guest bedroom
This afternoon, while waiting for it to cool down enough to go outside, I watched this very excellent movie.  Great music, intriguing characters, great mystery.  I recommend it highly.   Only one tissue.

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