Friday, December 11, 2015


The papers have been stopped, Netflix notified, the pool guy and the garden guy and the no-bug guy have all been paid for several months.  We've almost eaten up all the left overs so the fridge will be empty.  The cars have been plugged into the "battery minder" gizmos that prevent dead batteries from lack of use (a usual malady when we return). We'll see how that works.   I've had a pedicure, seen the wound doc for the last time ~ healing nicely, thank you ~ and today I'll get my last massage.  Our friends who are driving down to the beach from Canada arrived last night to pick up the boxes of  our "essentials" that we MUST have, and they went on their way early this morning.  And finally, I'm actually packed and ready for tomorrow's early departure.  If everything is working as it should, I'll be able to send a post tomorrow evening or Sunday morning.  So until then, bien viaje to us!

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