Monday, December 28, 2015

the line was dead

Well, dear readers, it happened again this year.  The phone/internet line ended up lying in the street and we were completely cut off.  No news.  Nothing about the world, the homeland or even the Kardashians.   It was hard being in the void.  But today when we returned from our morning trip to the market, the lights were flashing and we had a dial tone.  I figure that the reason it happened so quickly ~ last year we were without phone/internet for 2 weeks while the lines lay undisturbed where they had fallen ~ is that one of those affected is a legislator from Colima.  It never hurts to have neighbors with influence in high places, aka Telmex.

To recap briefly.  Christmas was quiet and very nice.  Saturday night the influential Colima neighbors had a HUGE quinceanera party that went on until about 5:30 AM Sunday morning.   Even though your faithful reporter was totally dragged out due to lack of sleep, we decided to keep our date with Colima on Sunday morning.  Off we went to all the big box stores ~ Home Depot, Sam's Club, WalMart ~ with long lists and a fist of pesos.  Four hours later we were back home with a car full of stuff we had decided we needed plus a couple of "finds" we hadn't planned on.  Unpack, put away, regroup and it was off to Fernando's for comida.  This has become another ritual puesto visit;  Dago's on Friday, Fernando's on Sunday.   

Up and out this morning after a very quiet night.  The market was busy and full of it usual beautiful produce.  I browsed the tables piled high with the usual wardrobe enhancement offerings but made no purchases this week.  My last week's skirt will hold me for a couple of weeks.

It's actually a little cooler today which is greatly appreciated.  I realize it's the tropics, but enough is enough already.

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mary ann said...

SUCH a nice life you two lead - thanks for sharing it❤️