Thursday, December 17, 2015

usual tropical blahs

I don't know what happens to us nortes when we get down here in the tropics but it's utter ennui and sapping fatigue.  Last Sunday and Monday, right after arrival, we were as busy and bustling as ever.  But as of Tuesday, it's a huge chore just to roll over in bed.  I rested Tuesday morning so I would be at least semi-conscious for the afternoon domino game.  I was, but it was a true miracle.  Here's the view from the domino table; you can see the ruination of the beach and the umbrellas, but the view is spectacular!  Chuy suffered a lot of damage but has managed to put most of it all back together.  We'll go to Dago's for dinner tomorrow night and see how he fared.

We learned from Omar the Gardener that the missing oleander was NOT, in fact, destroyed in the storm nor did it meet a "plant death" but instead was "liberated" from its place against the wall.  Here's another picture of the wall, taken from the balcony.

Now I need to go inside the wall and paint it so I don't see ANY grey cement.

Friends Blanche and Bob arrived yesterday afternoon and unloaded our two big boxes of vital belongings.  Thanks again, you two!  Now Mr. C has his peanut butter and I have my Christmas lights.  I'll put them up tomorrow (if I have the strength!!)

One other change this year.  The owners of the house across the street planted a row of palm trees when they built their place.  The trees obscured our view of the sea but I knew that eventually they would grow up and we'd be able to glimpse the surf again.  Well, this year it has happened!

Tomorrow it's back to Tecoman to try to do the bank business again.  I hope I have enough energy for this.  I know the blahs will pass and I'll be my usual energetic self.  I can hardly wait.


mary ann said...

Well your writing is energetic and it is so good to see your ocean again

Liz said...

I agree with Mary Ann!!! Your wall looks great-- like the sea and the sky. I like the plantings against it, too! Too bad one of them was "liberated." News from B'more reports that someone is going around stealing wreaths from doors. There's a Grinch around every corner these days.

I'm now in Palm Springs, and this year's condo is the best yet. Love it! Had a nice visit with Platts & my cousin & husband in Tucson last week. Would you believe it snowed on the last day I was there. Quite chilly in P.S., too. Frost warning a couple of nights ago!

Peace & joy to you & Mr. C!!!