Monday, December 14, 2015

some firsts

First time I've really looked at "the wall" since we arrived.  We lost one oleander, which we will replace as soon as we get to the vivero.  Part of the wall could probably use another coat of paint but otherwise, it looks quite good.  I can tell you that it's a whole lot nicer to look out of the window and see a blue wall than a dull cement gray one.

NOTE:  This one's for you, NPW.  The house is available for you, the Mrs., and the girls any time!

Last night was the first evening sky of this trip.  The angle is not good for seeing a real sunset but we get to see the glow nonetheless.

And this morning was the first tianguis of the year. Fruits and veggies at the usual spot, meat (castillos de cerdo (pork ribs) and colas de res (oxtails) at our wonderful butcher shop,

Then it was off to Tecoman to try to pay our annual property fees but the bank was jammed so we'll try again on Friday.  To the Bodega for household necessities and then home.  All this running around is not conducive to a relaxing day.  I napped, Mr. C trolled the internet.  Salsa, tostadas, left over chiles rellenos and now it's time to turn off the lights and declare this day's party over!

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