Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve here in the humid tropics.  Last evening was the season's first party down at Chuy's puesto.  It was a "y'all come" hosted by one of the J Boys (Jordan) who bought a big mess of beef and beer and invited us all to come down and enjoy  carne asada and cerveza.  It was all  wonderful and  a fine way to kick off the season.  Thank you Jordan!

 If you are dreaming of a warm and wonderful Christmas, think about  coming to Mexico and putting your fanny here and watching the sunset.

Right now it's time to go to sleep and dream of sugarplums and Santa and tomorrow's Cerdo con Salsa Verde that I cooked for our Christmas dinner.  Can hardly wait.

I hope all your Christmas dreams come true, no matter what they are.  You undoubtedly  deserve them!


Liz said...

And a joyful Holiday season & New Year to you & Jim, too!

It's chilly in Palm Springs since I've been here, but having a great time. My brother Tom is here until Saturday, and we have been seeing movies (The Big Short, which is so complicated & is about such complex Wall St. schemes, I would need to see it twice more to have an understanding of what was going on) and later today, JOY, which I am greatly anticipating, with it's wonderful cast.

This evening, we're going to a special 4-course dinner at a place called Lulu's.

Hope things cool off a bit for you soon! Best to Mr. C!!!

mary ann said...

It is cold in SF - enjoy that warmth!