Friday, July 12, 2013


Since I am not always very organized and/or can't ever find anything, I decided to rely on a variety of little bags for the BIG TRIP in the fall.  I'm also addicted to  oil cloth and to color.  The solution:  a variety of little bags made of some of my various oil cloth patterns.

The biggest bag is to hold all my electronic needs.  They include, L to R, top row:  voltage converter, needed for camera (LapMac already works on 220) and reader, camera charger, camera cable, two digital cartridges that will be loaded with books for my reader.  Bottom row:  adapter for Italy (3 prongs), France (round with two prongs), flash drive also loaded with books, ear buds.  The big bag has two gusseted pockets inside to hold the cartridges and zip drive.  The outside pocket will hold note book and pen.

The little bags are for money, metro tickets,  probably one for jewelry (if any) or whatever else I'll take that I don't want rattling around in my suitcase or purse.  I've been using a small sized oil cloth purse as a wallet for several years and love it.  I also have an oil cloth check book holder.  Do you think I've gone too far with this stuff?

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ddmichel said...

I love those!! They are adorable and very cool.