Saturday, July 6, 2013

high summer in the valley

I went up to the Saturday market, camera at the ready, to check out the staggering bounty summer brings to us.  The market was bustling with eager shoppers, filling their baskets and bags and baby strollers with all sorts of wonderful things.  Enjoy!

luscious nectarines

bought a lot of these for more gazspacho

oranges and white peaches

squash blossoms ready to be stuffed!

all different varieties of cherry tomatoes, so colorful and tasty

summer means sweet yellow corn

best apple juice in the world!
first a stop at one of the bakery vendors .  . .
then join the queue at the coffee wagon for espresso or capp

this chap was quite good and his guitar case was filling nicely
and finally, meet Dilly Dally the Clown who makes balloon animals and generally adds a great splash of fun to the market scene.

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