Monday, July 22, 2013

love is in the Air®

I couldn't resist.  I just couldn't.  Well, I could have but I didn't.  After consulting with g'son Mac guru and Does-it-for-a living Mac guru, I took the plunge and purchased a new Mac Air®.  A typically beautiful and elegant Apple product.

The main reason for the purchase of this jewel is that it's so lightweight and will be perfect for upcoming travels.  It seems to do most of the things the older, heavier, slower lap top does; it has no CD or DVD player, which gets rid of both weight and ROM needs.  So far, I've been able to set up a few things, using the combined skills of Andrew and Emily.  In a couple of weeks, the Mac Guru #2 will come to the house and move data off of the iMac desktop on to this little beauty.

Here's how things are here in beautiful Montana.  The drive from the valley up to Winnemucca was as it always is, utterly boring.  The landscape is brown and flat.  Winnemucca rivals Gila Bend, AZ for tourist attractions.  On to Blackfoot, ID.  It's a bit more interesting; at least there is irrigated agriculture ~ primarily potato and corn fields ~ to give relief from the dun brown.

All these potato plants were covered in little white blossoms
Then it's into Big Sky country!  The sky was blue with a few puffy white clouds floating by.

All is well here in beautiful Montana.  Mike, Alex and Andrew were on had to greet us, along with Zeke and Huck.  Cait was at work but made a cameo appearance late in the evening, went directly to bed as she had to go back to the airport early on Sunday morning.  Em arrived last night and Alex took off this morning to attend some meetings throughout the state.  She'll be back Tuesday night, then we're all together on Wednesday before everyone goes home on Thursday.  We've had such a delightful time relaxing, reading, laughing and carrying on as we usually do when we're together.

There's a big tree outside the living room window and a robin has built a nest in the branches.  Here's Mom bringing a tasty morsel for her constantly complaining offspring.

And here are the greedy little kids.  There are two of them and we can hear them chirping for more!  more!  more!

On tomorrow's schedule is a trip to Dillon, MT to the Patagonia outlet and to lunch at a Mexican truck restaurant.  Report tomorrow.  And I'll try to get the group to sit still long enough for a picture!

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