Sunday, July 14, 2013

well connected kids

Andrew and Em were with us over the weekend and what a pleasure it was, start to finish.  They arrived by train on Thursday and, for the most part, napped and read and relaxed.  Friday Em had a mani/pedi, Andrew took some crazy long bike ride and, as a result of such exhausting pursuits, more naps and reading with a swim or two in between.  Saturday Andrew took another long - 50 miles - bike ride while Em caught up on, yep! more sleep.  In between all of this was much electronic activity.  Andrew brought with him is Mac Air® computer (more on that at a later date) so he could catch up on work, and both brought their iPhones.

After dinner last night we watched "Django Unchained" , they for the second time.  I loved it.  It's funny, outrageous, violent and utterly over the top.  Samuel L. Jackson is in it and it took me awhile to recognize him.  I bet this cast had a ball making the film.

Andrew went off again this morning on yet another ride, this time about 70 miles, I would guess.  Meanwhile, the rest of us had a lovely breakfast and then it was time to take Em to the airport for her flight back to Long Beach.

Andrew was back from his ride by the time I got home.  He stowed his bike in the car and Mr. C hustled him off to the train station for a 12:30 departure to SF.  We'll see them both again next weekend when we all gather in Bozeman for a summer reunion.

These kids are not only brother and sister but really, really good friends.  It's such a pleasure to watch them together.  They have the same sense of humor, the same take on the world, the same ready smile and warm hearts.  Their next adventure will be a trip together to Budapest and Berlin in August.  Makes me miss my sister a lot.

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Mary ann said...

Catching up here - love the and the new oil cloth bags. Very cool, clever you. I love the zip travel bags to separate tops, sox and undies, etc.