Wednesday, July 24, 2013

dropping dollars in Dillon

Before the saga of the trip to Dillon, a couple of pictures of last night's dinner.  First, there were cocktails on the front deck, looking out at the view to the mountains.

Then we moved into the house to cook.  And finally, it was dinner on the back deck.

Mike, Andrew, Mr. C, Cait, Em 

A salute from the hostess!

To end the day, a beautiful sunset, somewhat obscured by ash clouds from a fire south of Bozeman.

Today was our long-anticipated trip to Dillon, to the Patagonia outlet.

goodies galore
For anyone interested in really good sporting wear, this outlet is THE place to shop.  I was looking for a very lightweight but warm down jacket for the trip to Normandy and Brittany.  After trying on several models, I finally settled on a black number designated as a "Nano Puff."  It fits it's description perfectly;    almost weightless, comfortable, sleek, really not too "puffy" and very warm.  And the price was just right.

It also folds up and fits into this tiny little pouch.  Looks like a Barbie sleeping bag.

Compared to a coffee mug, pretty small!
My cold weather needs were all taken care of in one spot.  Then it was on to lunch at the Taco Bus.

Mr.  C places our order
Bus mural
A nice drive home, another lovely dinner out on the deck, a gorgeous sunset, and it was off to bed.  I promised to get up at 6 AM to go with Cait and the g'dogs to the local dog park for a morning's hike (for the humans) and run (for the canines).

Huck (front) and Zeke (rear) are wonderfully happy, friendly dogs.  Endlessly amusing, too.  And big.

So this morning it was up and out to the dog park, these two big guys sitting in the back seat of Cait's beetle.  The park is about 5 miles away, is a 20+-acre space, completely fenced, with groomed walking paths, lots of meadow for the dogs to run.  They got a good workout, greeted their dog friends, and an hour later were ready to get back in the car and head home.

Huck at the dog park
 Bozeman from the dog park
We are all gathering at Ted's for a farewell lunch at 1 PM this afternoon.  Andrew heads back to SF later this afternoon, Em goes back to LA tomorrow morning, and we get on the road tomorrow, too.    Until then, more family enjoyment, more laughing and carrying on, all of which we do quite well.

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