Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday night in Twin Falls, ID

Yes, we're on our way home from our Bozeman visit.  I have a couple of photos to put up to mark yesterday's events, but the camera is locked in the car and I'm not going back downstairs to get it.  Why?  Because I fell yesterday morning and tore up my ankle so am not doing any extraneous walking!  I've iced it, wrapped it, and the swelling is substantially down from yesterday.  The photos will have to wait until we unpack the car tomorrow in Winnemucca.

Everybody left Cait and Mike this morning although Alex will be back from her business trip to Billings this evening and then back to Walla Walla tomorrow.  They will have their lovely, roomy and comfortable home to themselves again.  Yippie!

Twin Falls is a bustling city on the majestic Snake River Canyon.  It has been our traditional stopping place on our trips to Bozeman, although we did bypass it for Blackfoot on our way north this time.  A mistake.  It's nice to be here again.

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