Wednesday, September 11, 2013

dateline: ATLANTA

Coco and her best friend, Jeff
 We made both flights yesterday, but barely.  On the Sacramento - Minneapolis leg we were the last seated in the last row, but "seated" is the operational word here.  On the second leg, MSP to ATL, again we made it, but barely.  Jeff met us and took us on a short tour of the city and then it was home for some rest before a late dinner.  By 10 PM it had cooled and we moved out on to the large back porch for a long, lovely dinner filled with lots of good talk.  We finally turned in around 11:30, absolutely exhausted from a long day that started very early.  Right now it's still cool and lovely, the household is still quiet since the rest of the folks stayed up until around 2:30, the talk was that good!

The Rome flight leaves at 4 PM so we'll head to the airport about 1:30.  Now it's time to amble downstairs for some coffee, a visit with Coco, the gorgeous (but not too bright) German Shorthair Pointer, and a glance at the paper.  I have just a few things to repack and I'll be ready to move on.

Next bulletin from Rome, if the Seat Gods are with us.

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