Sunday, September 15, 2013

DATELINE: Rome (3)

A note on the lack of photos.  Yesterday I took several shots of our area, our colorful and delicious lunch, other scenic beauties.  Where are they?  Something went awry with the camera and they all came out sepia color.  The gorgeous red of the tomatoes in the caprese salad, the creamy pink of the gnocchi con scampi both faded to boring beige.  No color in buildings, flowers, etc.  After fiddling around with various buttons and arrows I got the color back, but only after downloading the pictures and seeing what had happened.  So today I'll go back out and retrace (most of) my steps for new pictures.

Yesterday was sunny and warm with clear blue skies and a very nice light breeze.  In the morning we took the river walk, along with lots of bicyclists, joggers, parents with strollers and little kids.  It's a great way to see some of the 20-plus bridges and the beautiful and imposing (and expensive) apartment houses facing the river.  Coming back we happened on yet another charming and bustling neighborhood with a couple of small piazzas ringed with restaurants.  We pick out one, returned later for a lovely lunch (see failed photo attempt above).  Then back to the hotel for a much-needed nap, some reading and then out to dinner at a tiny place in yet another little piazza.  Big bowls of Peasant Soup ~ a very rich minestrone with big chunks of toasted bread floating on a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.   We took a nice stroll back to the hotel past restaurants and cafes brimming with diners and drinkers sitting at outdoors enjoying the mild evening.  It was much quieter in the alley last night so a good sleep was had by all.

More exploration of the neighborhood this morning.  There is a very popular resto on our street that we have not yet been able to get into.  Long lines for both lunch and dinner.  But we've had a late b'fast and will try again this afternoon for lunch around 3 PM and then be done with eating for the day.  Within one block of this hotel there are 6 restaurants and two bars and if you go one block further the number easily doubles.  And they're all full at every meal.  I guess nobody cooks!

Tomorrow morning we depart this completely overwhelming city for the more familiar environs of Florence where we'll be for a week.  We'll arrive there about 1:30, check our luggage at the train station and walk to our favorite restaurant for a late lunch, then cab to the apartment for a 5 PM check in.  But right now it's time to head out with the camera ready to photograph in living color.

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