Saturday, September 28, 2013

DATELINE; Siena (6)

This was a day for museums and other art forms and, of course, a delicious lunch.  First, here's a picture of our apartment building, taken from the bowl of the corso.

We visited the Museo di Citta, filled with statuary, paintings and memorabilia from Siena's history.  Much of it is off limits to photographers, but before I read the sign I snapped a few items.

One of several gorgeous frescoes.  The colors are still rich and glowing

Another fresco
Floor of the museum

The ubiquitous She Wolf with those greedy twins
It was at about this moment that I saw the NO PHOTO sign and didn't want to risk a reprimand so put the camera away.  The other things in this museum include a lovely little chapel with all the original furnishings and grillwork from the 15th century.  Lots of religious art with the usual complement of saints and babies.  One room is dedicated to the history of the risorgimento (reunification) war of 1848.  Huge murals, uniforms, weapons ~ all beautifully displayed in ornate cabinets.  Great stuff.

We walked across the corso headed for the next culture stop of the day.  The sun was shining and the outdoor cafes were bustling with mid-morning coffee drinkers.

Next we walked down to the little music museum located three blocks down the street from us.  You enter into a dark enclosed courtyard dominated by this statue of Pope Julius II ~ why he's there I never did find out unless t was because he was a patron of the arts.

On into the little garden with its old well at the center . . .

into which visitors have tossed coins, maybe to insure they'll return.

The ceilings are covered with beautiful, intricate frescoes.

As you sit and admire the surroundings beautiful music is playing somewhere in the recesses of the building, making the whole scene slightly unreal and ethereal.  There's no real "garden" to speak of.  Just huge pots of trees to soften the heavy stone of the building.

Time for lunch so we went back to La Tellina's where we had gone a few days ago.  Another splendid meal.  For me, a zuppe di cozze, mussel soup that was heaven, absolute heaven!  Big, puffy, meaty mussels in a rich and spicy broth of tomatoes, garlic, wine.  This was followed by a bright, fresh mixed salad with lots of tangy arugula.  Mr. C had the polenta with porcini mushrooms that I had the last time, followed by penne with yet more porcinis.  Another splendid feast in this charming little place.

We had planned to go to a concert but since it didn't start until 9:15 PM we got realistic about our chances of staying awake and changed plans.  So it was a quiet evening with delicious soup made from whatever was still edible in the fridge as we begin the great clear-out preparatory to our Monday departure.   Rain is forecast for tomorrow and for most of the week we'll be in Vicenza.  I guess this beautiful sunshine is about over.

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mary ann said...

you can even make all that religious art seem lovely ~ now I'm hungry for some delicious food, not fruit and yogurt. Can't wait to see Peggy Guggenheim's little cottage (again) in Venice!