Sunday, September 8, 2013

packing [for] heat

I spent two hours on Friday laying out all my clothes for the fast-approaching trip.  Pants, sweaters, T-shirts, shoes, undies, etc.  I carefully folded everything, slid it all into vacuum packing bags, pushed out all the air and sucked them up into flat but bumpy wafers.  Two nice bags that fit neatly into my suitcase with plenty of room left for odds and ends.  Then I decided to check the weather in both Rome and Florence.  Yikes!  Between 80º and 90º for the next two weeks!  So it's back to the staging table this morning to unpack all those warmies and substitute cool cottons and a pair of sandals.  I remember, too, that it was very warm in Paris in mid-October in 2010.  Now I'm packed for (almost) anything.  The only item I'm missing is an umbrella; I left my really good, small but strong one on a flight from Minn/St. Paul to JFK on the same aforementioned trip to Paris.  But I know just where I can buy one in Florence, if need be.  I'm now considering myself as packed and I'm not checking the weather again.

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mary ann said...

Mosquitos in Florence - take No Itch! Pls photo those vacuum packing bags for your loyal readers