Monday, September 9, 2013

the airless traveler

 My friend MS over at No More Commas Period asked me about the travel bags I mentioned yesterday.  They are by Pack Mate and are available at Amazon (well, what isn't?).  I don't remember if I bought them there, but these look like what I have.  Mine work a bit differently ~ they're 9 years old and you know how fast technology changes ~ but the end result is exactly the same.  All the air is compressed out of clothes and they are, essentially, vacuum-packed.

Packed and ready to toss into the suitcase

side view
medium size on top of large size
This is what it looks like when all the air has been pressed out - all pruned up!
The amazing thing about these bags is that clothes really don't wrinkle as badly as you would think.  Too, if you can remember what you put in which bag you don't have to plow through the suitcase looking for things, thus appearing to be very organized.

This will be my last post from CA.  The shuttle  picks us up at 4:30 AM tomorrow morning to catch a 6:45 flight to MSP, then on to ATL to spend the night with friends.  The flight to Rome leaves on Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 and arrives in Rome at 7:30 AM Thursday morning.  Next post will be from Atlanta.  Ciao.


Anonymous said...

Liz says:

Re those bags: years ago, a traveler friend put me on to TWO-GALLON Ziplock bags for packing. I have used them for years. You can usually find them at Walmart or one of those type stores. Supermarkets don't always carry that size. Anyway, I've only ever had to buy 1 box, as they can be used over & over. I pack two tops in each, roll them lightly to compress; place two bags side-by-side inside the fold of each pair of pants. Compress all your undies in one bag. Everything stays neat, and if the security people riffle through your bag, it doesn't get all disheveled. Much cheaper, and just as effective as the pack mates.

Anonymous said...

Liz says:

Susan-- have a wonderful trip. Looking forward to your posts from the road.

mary ann said...

Fascinating - thank you! Write long and often you talented traveling woman. Enjoy.