Saturday, September 14, 2013

DATELINE: Rome (2)

Some photos to catch up on yesterday's post.

Entry to our hotel, Casa dei Francesca Romana
Our very spartan (and unfortunately very noisy) room.

The shower.  Enter sideways only.  But plenty of hot water to wash away the grime of Rome.

The hotel has a lovely, cool garden, a perfect place to sit and rest after trooping around town.

Corner fountain

Trattoria Teo's

The little neighborhood piazza with Teo's,
a sweet little bar, nice benches where one can sit and watch the passing show

Yesterday morning we walked over the somewhat sluggish Tiber River to catch a tourist bus for a ride around the city.

You can see the river walk along the right side of the photo.  There's another just like it on the other side.  Bikers, joggers, strollers can take this route for miles along the banks.  We found the bus, hopped aboard but sat inside as it was very hot so no photos of the route.  But we saw all the highlights of the city, including, of course, the Coloseum.  There must hve been 2,000 people milling around this great pile.  Past the Vartican, the Circus Maximus, the via Veneto, to the top of the Palatine Hill, etc.  We got back to the hotel about 2 PM, had lunch at one of the little restos on our street, then it was nap time.  Out for a light supper at that same place.  I wasn't feeling too hot ~ tummy turmoil ~ and asked if there was any soup.  No, but they would make some for me.  The chef did himself proud with a light, savory vegetable soup flavored with rosemary and a hint of bacon.  Just what I needed.  Then it was home and to bed.  BUT there seemed to be a street party going on in the narrow walkway outside our window.  It went on until about 4 AM.  I finally got to sleep but was up and at the breakfast table for a big cap by 8:30.  Can't wait for nap time!

I think we're going to explore the neighborhood a bit more today, make another shopping stop at the local market, maybe take a part of the river walk.  I'd like to come back toi Rome and stay for a month or so.  This first foray has been quite overwhelming; this city is so big, so busy, so spread out that it's impossible to do it any justice at all in just 3 days.  Mr. C is not a big city fellow but even he is willing to entertain the notion of  a real stay.  Meanwhile,  a brief glimpse is all that we can manage.

One further note on life here.  The traffic is absolutely horrendous!  It flows fast and steady in every direction.  You drive one of these . . .

. . .  or a Fiat or a moto of some sort.  Very few big cars or SUVs.  These little cars sound like swarms of bees as they buzz up and down the narrow streets.  This is not a pedestrian-friendly place.  Crossing the street can be a real challenge.

FYI:  the internet here is not very good.  It took me almost 2 hours to put up this little post!  But I promised I'd keep up on the trip here.  It's a labor of love for my readers!


mary ann said...

Wonderful post ~ I'm there with you, only sleeping better. Great pix too, thank you for the updates. Tummy OK today? At least your shower has a glass enclosure, some are just OUT there, splashing all over the bathroom. Rome is amazing.

mary ann said...

You forced me to read my Rome posts from 2007. "The too muchedness of Rome" is a quote I liked and used. Now go to the Jewish Quarter and have fried artichokes. Today.