Friday, September 13, 2013


First, let me say that the WiFi at this hotel is very unpredictable so I may not be able to write much.  Just to let you know we're here after a long, long day of travel.  The flight from Rome was delayed 2+ hours out of Atlanta and we almost didn't get seated.  When we checked in we were #6 and 7 on the StandBy list.  An hour later we were 11 and 12 with 13 sears available.  We hoped that a covey of Delta employees didn't show up to unseat us.  We were cleared for seats, got in line and at the last moment were called up to the podium.  There had been a report of a broken seat on the plane in which case we would have been bumped.  We had to wait another half hour but were finally allowed to board in the aft cabin, last two seats.  That really didn't matter; a seat is a seat.  Finally took off at a little after 6 PM, arrival in Rome due at 9:30 AM Rome time (6 hours difference).  As I said, long flight.  Watched a movie ~ Les Miserables with Hugh Jackman ~ and tried to doze, unsuccessfully I might add.  From Fumiccino by train to Termini in Rome then by taxi to our little hotel.  It is a one-time convent on a tiny side street accessible only on foot.  Tiny, monastic room with two of the smallest beds I've ever seen, and a shower that, if I were one inch taller or one pound heavier I could not fit into.  We immediately went out to find a market to buy bottles of water, checked out the area for eateries, went back to the room and slept for several hours.  At 7:30 we venture to Teo's for dinner - I'll go down there and take a photo ~ of big plates of fettuccine with mounds of porcini mushrooms.  Absolutely divine.  Then back here and lights out at 9 PM. That takes care of day one.

This morning we have breakfasted in the hotel's beautiful dining room which was, in convent days, the chapel, complete with a pulpit, very high ceilings, various niches with statuary.  Again, will photograph when I find camera!  Today we are going to find a tourist bus to see the city, find a bank to get another wad of euros to replace the wad we've already spent, and then plot some tourist-y things to see and do.  We are in the Tastavere section of the city, an area very conducive to walking and browsing.  It's time to get going.


john nelson said...

Trattoria Da Teo
Piazza dei Ponziani 7A, 00153 Roma
06 5818355

mary ann said...

yeah, love this ~ wads of euro's, tee hee!