Sunday, October 18, 2015

on the Champs Elysee

Sunday dawned dark and dreary.  It rained on and off in the morning and was very cold.  This apartment, in fact, is quite chilly.  There are heating elements in all rooms except the toilette:  hallway, both bedrooms, 3 in the living room, one in the bathroom, and one beside the little kitchen eating area.  But only two work; the one in the kitchen area and one in the cavernous living room.  So it's cold in here, which means we (I) live in a couple of sweaters and maybe even my down vest.  We puttered around, did some cleaning up, read the news on line ~ none of it very good ~ and waited for it to at least clear up a bit.

About 2'oclock I said, "Let's go out and walk over to the Champs."  The sky was getting a bit lighter so we bundled up and off we went.  The Champs is about a 15 minute walk from here, not a bad stroll on a crisp Fall day.  As usual in Paris when there is even a HINT of sun, everyone who could be out was.  Sunday sun on the Champs!

I do not remember the sidewalks having these cafes that take up the entire sidewalk but there they are and they were bustling.  There were literally thousands of people on this street, now line with almost exclusively American brand shops.  We made out way down  to the western end of the Champs to this venerable icon.

The first time I was here with daughters we went up to the top of l'Arc and discovered it was snowing up there!

We crossed the street and strolled back up, stopping for a chocolate chaud (our first during these cold days).   In one of the old passagesthat line the Champs I saw this beautiful floor.  Love the floors in this town.

And who wouldn't love to live in one of these exquisite apartment houses ~ except for the noise and mobs, of course?

 Both of us were a bit undone by the huge crowds just out for an afternoon's stroll!  Back toward our apartment where we beheld this amazing building!  No matter how often I come here there's always something to surprise around the corner, and this Chinese pagoda-like building was it for this trip.  It's such a stark contrast to all the buildings around it, with it's red color, exotic roof line and decorative facade.  The gate in front is capped with little wooden carved animals and, I hate to say it, it's looking overall quite sad and almost abandoned.  It was once a private home of the Choo family but is now used as an "event" hall.

Back home to our smart abode.  Here are the front doors.

They need a little touching up but I think they're quite elegant.  And on every landing in the apartment are four stained glass windows like these.

I would love to know the history of this house which features many elegant touches of old fashioned design.

Another quiet dinner made in our space-age kitchen.  Here's a look at what we saw out of our window very briefly last night.  About two minutes later it was all cloudy and stormy.

That's how it went on Sunday in Paris, France.  Not a bad day at all.

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mary ann said...

The champs is the only street in Paris that I will avoid in the future - just seeing the Gap was too irritating to even discuss in public ick.