Tuesday, October 13, 2015

we did not go to Venice

I am so, so disappointed and so is Alex, but I was sick on Sunday night/Monday morning so I begged off.  We had already bought our tickets so we are out about €80 but I simply couldn't do it.  I ended up spending the day napping, dozing, sipping tea and generally recovering from a terrible night.  I did get one thing done; laundry.

Clean clothes!  What a treat.  Of course it was too chilly to dry outside so we moved this handy rack into the foyer and, by Jove, it was all dry this morning. 

I slept very well last night and  I am back on track. We didn't go to Venice today, either,  because it's raining everywhere and more was forecast for there than here.    We did the usual market runs to stock up on food and drink.  I did buy a whole porcini mushroom which I will cut in a zillion tiny pieces, saute and toss with some fresh pasta for our dinner, along with some ratatouille, a salad and any other tidbits I can find in the fridge and larder.  We only have another day to get it all cleared out.

We went on a lovely long walk through the drizzle early this afternoon heading for our luncheon date.   Only a few people riding in the rain.

Carousel in the Piazza Della Repubblica
 I am so grateful for all of Alex's help on this trip, mainly as my seeing-eye guide so I invited her to be my guest at La Spada, Mr. C's favorite Florentine spots.

It's very much a neighborhood spot; 99% of the diners were speaking Italian.  We both had veal and then Alex led me into temptation BIG time with an order of panna cotta with the most beautiful, silky chocolate sauce.

panna cotta with a couple of bites gone!
It was so delicious; smooth and creamy and not too sweet.  It was perfect!

Another leisurely stroll in the rain ~ a bit heavier by this time ~ through some beautiful areas of the Citiá Centrale, ogling the magnificent old buildings, the glitzy shops filled with outrageously expensive goods, and the more interesting tiny boutiques that crowd along narrow streets.   This is a rare quiet spot in this busy place.  (I actually took this on Sunday which makes it even more rare!)

Bad weather will keep one close to home so we haven't gotten down to the Ponte Vecchio or Ponte Santa Trinita but we're not  that far and it's our plan to walk down tomorrow.  Rain or not!  I really don't want either of us to get a cold; we still have Paris ahead, don't forget.

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Oh, so glad you are feeling better!