Saturday, October 10, 2015

sta piovendo today in Florence

Yep, it's raining here today so it's more of an "in" day for us.  I thought this would be a good time to take you on an architectural tour of the apartment.

Alex did go out earlier and garnered some goodies at the open market around the corner.  She came back with cheese and olives, more fruit, more veggies, various small pieces of bread.  We decided to stay in for lunch and made up a very delicious menu.  I cooked a frittata with a delicious sauce of tomatoes, onions, spinach, basil and cheese.  We had bread, a lovely salad of many different types of lettuce, and some yummy Prosecco to wash it all down.

This apartment is so well located to take advantage of both indoor and outdoor markets.  It's just too bad the kitchen is so poorly equipped.  One small saute pan, one very large pasta pot.  No sauce pans.  A strainer for the pasta you've just cooked in the gigantic pot.  A cheese grater that's highly ineffective.  Two knives you could use to butcher a pig but no chef's knife or paring knife.  The stove is very good and new; likewise the fridge is roomy with a separate cabinet for the freezer.  No microwave, not essential but handy for warming up the meatballs you've bought at the market and are going to have for dinner.  No toaster; either put it under the broiler or saute it.  One tiny chopping board.  The reason I'm listing all these things is that I think the owners of this place are really missing the boat on marketing this apartment as a marvelous place to stay for those who love to cook.  I know, I know.  People come to Italy to eat all the good food in restaurants so they don't have to shop, cook, clean up.  But not everyone wants to do that.  I love going to the markets and bringing home bags of beautiful produce and having at it in a good kitchen.  Even if you intend to eat all your meals out, a good knife is never a bad thing.

Here's the tour.


 the living room from the entry.  Big TV on wall opposite sofa.
the dining table, door out to terrace on left, Alex's bedroom on right
looking from the dining area into the living room
the kitchen
bedroom 1 where I have moved in.  very comfortable bed.

bedroom 2 where Alex lays her sleepy head

the bathroom, about twice as big as our Paris hotel bath.  And the shower actually has walls!
this is the little terrace off the dining room and Alex's bedroom.  Washing machine out here, too!
from the terrace looking into my bedroom; dining area to the left.
windows to Alex's bedroom from terrace
The apartment has only two windows; one in the dining room, one in Alex's bedroom.  But the artificial light is plenty, especially in the dining room which has become our "everything" room.  There is a big TV on the living room wall but there is only one English language channel and it's not news; it's reruns of Law and Order as far as I can tell.

It's now 4 PM Saturday afternoon and it's still raining so, for me, there will be no sightseeing today.  Weather is supposed to be a bit better tomorrow; we'll see.  We are hoping to train up to Venice on Monday because both Florence and Venice are forecast to be dry.  It's about a two hour train ride through some very beautiful landscape.  More tomorrow.


mary ann said...

A beautiful apartment - hope the weather improves!

ddmichel said...

awesome apartment!! xxoo