Friday, October 16, 2015

Paris when it drizzles

It did rain almost all day yesterday, not hard but enough to be a bit slippery out there, cobblestone sidewalks and all.  Nonetheless, we were out and about to get a few items and check them off the list.  The battery in my blood tester died so we had to find a place that sold that type and not too far away.  The fearless Alex stopped into a shop, asked for a pile of  the appropriate size and was referred to another shop some 3 or 4 blocks away.  She returned to the apartment with that information, along with two not-so-wonderful croissants (missing you, Carton's).  We found the shop, bought the batteries and all is running perfectly.  We passed a bakery with all these beautiful things in the window.  Wayne Thiebaud is alive and well and painting in Paris!

Thiebaud does Paris!
We decided the weather called for an out-to-lunch foray so went down the street to a spot recommended by past tenants of this apartment.  Le Valois is a hugely popular spot in this neighborhood and it was hopping.  We sat outside under those dreadful heat lamps but our lunch was wonderful.  I had a bowl of soupe a l'oignon, Alex had a fish soup.  So very delicious.

I know it looks like tomato soup but it wasn't.  It was rich and cheesy and onion-y.  Blame the photographer.

After lunch we walked across the street into the beautiful Parc Monceau for a lovely afternoon stroll, rain notwithstanding.   It is such a lovely park with well tended gardens, winding paths, lots of benches to sit and reflect, sculpture to enlighten and amuse, a delightful foliie, a carousel and, on weekends, pony rides for the littlest visitors.  On a Friday it was calm and quiet.

We wanted to catch a glimpse the Monceau metro stop which is right outside the park boundaries.  It's one of the last remaining original Art Deco signs and decorations.

We walked home in the light rain, down Avenue Malherbes to rue de Lisbonne and home.

We're up on the 6th floor, the very top with views of surrounding buildings; nothing very glamorous but lots of light.  A real aerie.

Plans for Saturday include trip to big street market up at Miromesnil and to Dehillerin's to look at what one MUST have in the kitchen.  Until then,bonne nuit mes amis



mary ann said...

Such marvelous writing and photos ! I agree about Air France - so civilized compared to our airlines where we only care about profit
Thanks for this lovely trip!

Liz said...

What neighborhood is this apartment in?

As ever, your photos and prose are wonderful. Just goes to show why you should always, always put a little something out here for your devotees, even when you are at home!!!