Sunday, October 4, 2015

tray chic

We're back "home" on this  clear and sunny Sunday after being out for several hours. Time to rest those tired feet.  We wandered far afield and saw some wonderful things.  Most little goodie shops closed; think of the € we saved!

First window shopping was at Pierre Frey, the ne plus ultra of home decorating goodies. These two gorgeous trays are in  the windows of the shop just down the street from our hotel.

For each of these you can also find matching fabric by the meter and paper cocktail and dinner napkins.  It's all so bloody tasteful!

We walked over to the 5th via the Ecole de Médicine ~ a little shortcut Mr. C discovered so he could get to Carton's in the early morning for fresh bread ~ then up the hill to check out the place where a friend will be staying for a few days, then on up the hill to the rue Mouffetard and the wonderful Sunday market.  I love that area; filled will little restaurants and shops surrounding a  lovely little area with a fountain surrounded by potted plants.

 We perused the market; here's a selection of cheeses for your enjoyment.

Back to the 6th and rue de Buci so Alex could get an early afternoon croissant - still THE BEST ever.

Mr. C and I discovered this bakery when we were here in 2000.  We stayed at a hotel just around the corner and we were served Carton's croissants at breakfast.  We decided then and there that if possible we would eat none other during stays here.  When we were over in the Marais it was really ridiculous to get on the Metro, travel acreoss the city just for breakfast bread so we "settled" for a closer source.  BIG mistake!

On our way home we passed this beautiful edifice of the restaurant Fish Le Boissonerie.  At one time it was a "poissonnerie" or fish market.  When the current owners cleaned up the mosaics and though about a name for their new restaurant, they decided to simply replace the "p" with a "b" and it is known as a place where you can "drink like a fish".

The mosaic is beautiful and rich in color.  This photo does not do it justice.  Next time you are on rue de Seine, stop by and give it a close look.

If I had my "good" camera I could zoom in on the whole place but, alas, I do not.

We turned onto the rue Jacob and passed a shoe store selling a perfect pair for strolling the cobbled streets of Paris.

And around the corner  my eye caught the trendy name of this men's shop.

Across the street from the hotel here is a tiny shop that specializes in hand-made clothing.  There is a gorgeous dress in the window but too much glare so no photo.  But I'll check it out tonight and see if I can get a decent pix.  Then it was on just a few steps further to one of the most famous bakeries in Paris, Laduree.

It has a salon du thé and a little cafe for luncheon, but mostly it has  fabulous sweets, including these macaroons.

Paris is crazy for macaroons.  All different sizes and colors.  These are sort of like macaroon Oreo cookies.  There are tiny shops all over the city that sell nothing but.  Go figure.

 Didn't make it to the bird market despite our best intentions.  Too many glorious distractions along the way.  But we WILL be back in Paris after our Florence adventure so it's not out of the question that we'll get there.

The weather forecasts have been all wrong so far.  It is clear, sunny and warm today, contrary to what was predicted.  It's now4 o'clock and the sky is still clear and blue.  Rain expected tomorrow afternoon but I've decided not to believe any of it until I feel the drops.

We've had a lovely Sunday.  Hope you  do likewise no matter where you are!


mary ann said...

Wonderful - merci!

Liz said...

OMG, those photos! What great stuff! My dear, you absolutely MUST have that orange tray in that window, and cocktail napkins to go with!!! It will fit in the bottom of your suitcase with no trouble at all...

And, maybe those orange shoes with the 4" heels? (Just to look at, of course. We wouldn't want you to go lame!)

DAK said...

I didn't know 'til now that you're in Paris. The Rue Mouffetard! My favorite street! The almond croissants! The Roman cobbles! We are planning a trip right now to southern Italy for the olive harvest and I'm thinking -- ya know, a stop in Paris?