Tuesday, October 27, 2015

the eyes have it

The doc was very pleased by his handiwork on Mr. C's eyes.  The patch is gone and it is now just a matter of the fuzziness resolving itself.  A trip to the market and the post office were in order for an o-say-can-you-see test drive this afternoon and since he made it home safely I guess all is well.

Tomorrow it's my turn to go under the knife.  I trust it will all go well and that the surgeon will clean out all the nasty skin cancerous squamous cells and I'll be back in the bathing beauty and leg modeling business soon.  I jest, of course.  I'll let you know how it goes.

One more thing.  Today here in the valley it was cold.  Actually COLD.  I actually put on my fleeces!  So nothing would do but while I finished up "Being Mortal" Mr. C laid a lovely fire to celebrate the end of the heat wave and the beginning of Fall.

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Liz said...

Best of luck to you today, Susan.

Be well...