Monday, October 26, 2015

the patient is fine

Mr. C had his surgery this morning ~ cataract removal ~ and it all went just perfectly.  While he was being worked on I tore off to the CostCo nearby, did some essential shopping ~ coffee, shrimp, lamb shanks, Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand ~ and by the time I got back he was ready to come home.  Tomorrow he goes back to see the doc and get his eye patch removed.  Other eye gets done in a couple of weeks.  I've had this same procedure done and it is an absolute miracle.

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Liz said...

So glad Mr. C's cataract surgery went well. Mazeltov!

I, too, had both cataracts removed a couple of years ago. I opted for the "corrected vision" lens upgrade, and it IS A MIRACLE! I don't have to wear glasses unless I'm reading small print. And the glasses are all the drugstore magnifiers. No more expensive bifocals! Hooray!