Sunday, February 13, 2011

early Sunday

So it's about yesterday's opera. Well, it wasn't Puccini, it wasn't Rossini, it wasn't Wagner, it wasn't even Glass. And the connection to the internet wasn't any good, either. I heard the first act, part of the first intermission, and the early part of Act II. Then nothing. I couldn't get it up and running again. So I quit trying, called Marie for a quick game of Mexican Train Dominoes (she won), and spent the rest of the afternoon reading.

Yesterday morning Fernando showed up to connect the new pump. WOW! It sent water all over the place. Left on for more than 20 minutes it will suck the well dry. He warned Mr. C not to run it for more than 20 minutes, then let the well refill for an hour, than another 20 minutes. This is not very convenient, but better than nothing.

Javier was in the lot with the chainsaw in the morning. When he cranked up the truck radio to "extremely loud" I shouted at him and he turned it down. He sped over and the noise disappeared. He has to keep the landowners happy. He worked until about 2 o'clock then left. I'm going to tell him that I am expecting a guest next week ~ daughter Alex ~ and would he please not work until 9 AM and quit at 4 PM. I imagine he'll agree. If not, I'll get out the secret weapon: Fernando.

While down in the garden checking out the new pump and the watering pressure, I saw the spectacular blooms on our new hibiscus. This is the hybrid that I bought in Colima a month ago. Isn't it amazing? The blossom is about 8" across, pure white with a deep pinky-red throat and a yellow stamen. And the bush is loaded with buds. Whatever is in the fertilizer we bought is mighty powerful.

I SKYPE'D Alex this morning. She has survived her first week as an academic administrator and is ready for the second. She has been gathering the goodies she's bringing down to us ~ books, tea lights and dinner napkins (IKEA), rice crackers (Trader Joe's), some groceries that we can't get here such as corn meal and powdered bittersweet chocolate, meds for me, some old issues of The New Yorker, and some Christmas cards. Nice to have your own private pony express.

Today I am going down to Fernando's puesto ~ El Barcel ~ for lunch with Liz. He has caught a big fish he calls a robado that he is going to grill. I looked up this particular species and can find nothing. I'll have to let you know what he sets before me. I think Mr. C will come too; he doesn't miss an opportunity to enjoy Fernando and Chuy's excellent cooking. Marie may stop in, too. Full house.

I'm finished with a piece of fluff reading, "Death in a Strange Country" by Donna Leon. Set in Venice. Not a very satisfying ending. Next on the list: "Sweetness in the Belly" by Camilla Gibb, passed to me by someone here. After that, something set in South Africa, a bio/autobio piece.

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mary ann said...

Love that flower! You and Alex will have such a wonderful time...