Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Boys!

Today is the first birthday celebration for Zeke (r) and Huck (l). When they brought them home they looked like this.

Here's their latest portrait.

The birthday dispatch from Bozeman:

"Our pups turn one year old tomorrow (2/16). My, how far we've come! Their party plans include: a walk, barking at leaves, getting brushed, barking at the UPS guy, chasing each other, napping, rolling in snow, and lots of belly rubs. Everyone should be so lucky!"

Our plans for the day include going to Armeria to get our photos taken for our FM3 renewal, then on to Tecoman to do some marketing and banking. Dominoes this afternoon. Not sure about the barking and belly rubs, but napping has a certain appeal. ¡Así es la vida!


mary ann said...

Love those doggies!

DAK said...

Nice looking puppies, nice looking dogs. They'll probably be distinguished looking older gentlemen too.