Saturday, February 12, 2011

some sad news

This is the sweet face of my niece's faithful dog, Hannah. Such deep and knowing eyes. I received this message from Kaley this morning.

"In sad news, we put our sweet dog Hannah down this week. She was 15 1/2 years old! When I got her, I was 22 and still living on Sea St with T(om) & V(ic). She's seen me through moving out, getting married, buying a house, having a baby... all major milestones. She was the truest and most wonderful friend. We are all getting used to the idea that she is no longer with us, but it sure is tough. The house is too quiet. Here she is moments before we said goodbye..."

On an even darker note, although one not having death in it (yet), to be a good neighbor I agreed to allow our vacant lot next door to be used to store some palm logs. (I should say right up front that Fernando was aghast that I had allowed this.) Javier, an entrepreneurial young man, got his hands on 100 palm logs from someone in Tecoman who is clear cutting a grove. He is cutting them into big beams and construction lumber to both sell and use on his family's home. He has been cutting up the logs on the street in front of his house around the corner. Over the past week he has hauled these huge trunks into our lot; there are probably 40 of them now. So what's the problem? Storage is one thing, but this morning at 8 o'clock he started cutting them up with a chain saw. I did not agree to have a saw mill next door. You can see where the potential for death comes in. Now I have to look up all the words for "Get that &$^#* saw mill (aserradero) off our lot!" Or I'll ask Fernando to do it for me.

Opera today: "Nixon in China." I've never heard it but the word is that it's very good. It's also the first opera to have a 747 airplane on stage.

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mary ann said...

That dog is so totally sweet, I"m sorry for your niece and family. I had to smile at the tree trunk story. So little we learn so late.