Sunday, February 6, 2011

football and food

I am not really a football fan, although I do love the antics of half-time. But this being Super Bowl Sunday, there are festivities among the norte crowd. Roger and Nick are hosting a "tailgate" party at their wonderful house down in the colonia. Since I must rustle up something to add to the fare I decided on a tamale pie, something I love and that Mr. C can eat without too much trouble.

As a result there was much activity in the kitchen late this morning ~ chopping, grating, dicing, etc. One thing you cannot buy here is canned tomatoes of any kind; whole, diced, stewed ~ nada. So I decided to roast my own and see what happened. The only kind of tomatoes we are able to buy are Romas, those hard, dry, tasteless things that are OK for sauce but not for much else. I roasted them just like I do peppers, over the open flame of a burner. Works like a charm! Off slip the skins leaving behind a slight roasted scent although that effort does not affect the bland taste at all. But with the addition of a little V-8, chili powder ~ both mild and HOT ~ I think it will be OK. If it isn't, there will be 40 guests so folks can certainly find other things to enjoy!

Speaking of food, this is a shot of the blooms on our big aloe plant on the balcony. The birds love whatever it is that serves as nectar for this particular plant. We've had many beautiful sippers; some kiskadees ~ and hummingbirds. I tried to get a photo with a diner but they're just too quick. The lovely kiskadees with their bandit mask feathering and bright yellow breasts are always around at this time of the year.

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