Monday, February 7, 2011

I Went to a Marvelous Party*

I couldn't have liked it more.* Fabulous setting ~ Nick and Roger's beautiful high-ceiling'd hacienda-style digs on the beach.

They are wonderful hosts. Their house was designed for parties; big, airy rooms that open up to the central courtyard and the pool. At one end is a smaller patio that leads to the beach. Perfect spot to sit and watch the sunset. These charming chaps simply throw open the doors, welcome everyone who shows up, and the party pretty much takes care of itself. They had set up two TVs, one in the living room, one by the pool. Those who wanted to could watch the game; the rest just socialized and noshed on delicious things such as spicy chili and cornbread with jalapeƱos, two or three salads, guacamole, chips, tamale pie (ahem!), plus various dips, crackers, cheeses, brats and buns . . . tailgate sort of stuff. It was mostly served outside and we milled around in the portales enjoying the food, fellowship, and gorgeous warm sunshine.

Mr. C left early, just after kick-off, but I stayed until the 3rd quarter. That was enough. Unfortunately, I did not win in the football pool. Maybe next year.

Today is Alex's first day on the new job. Good luck, Madam Director!

Caitlin is back from a week's vacation in Belize. She sent along this photo and comment.
"This sign is posted in the various women's restrooms throughout the Belize Airport. I have no idea how things have deteriorated to the point to where this sign is even NECESSARY, but it made me laugh out loud when I read it."

*With acknowledgment to Noel Coward's "I Went to a Marvelous Party."

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mary ann said...

What a gorgeous home! Loved the sign from Caitlin.