Tuesday, February 15, 2011

view from the top

This is the view from Sandy and Brad's third floor terrazzo, across the rooftops of neighbors out to the beautiful blue Pacific just after sunset. Just below this deck is their bedroom with a similar eye-popping view.

The evening was so mild and warm, a perfect setting for a salmon grill dinner served al fresco down on the first floor terrazzo. Along with their house guest Kella, they put on a marvelous spread of king salomon (brought down from Canada in Sandy's luggage), salads of various types, all preceded by Brad's slushy, potent margaritas. For dessert, a strawberry cheesecake made by Kella. Their house, with its wide arcade is a great party place, and they are fine hosts, all three of them.

The original builder installed a traditional colonial-style fountain in the front courtyard. Since I am still searching for the perfect fountain for our back garden I like to check out how others do it and what style they chose. It will take quite a bit of engineering for us to accomplish this but it can be done, I know. After all, this is Mexico!

Tonight our friend Liz, currently in residence at the casa de Fernando across the street, will join us for dinner. Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic. Meanwhile, it's dominoes this afternoon. I won by only 6 points yesterday afternoon. I had to redeem myself after a 200 point loss on Sunday.

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Alexandra said...

Can't wait to be there!