Wednesday, February 9, 2011

first thing Wednesday morning

Isn't this a lovely way to start the day, out on the balcony in the warm sunshine, good cup of coffee, ocean murmurs in the background, and a couple of chapters of an interesting book? I stepped inside for a refill just as three greedy kiskadees flew up to breakfast at the aloe flowers. By the time I retrieved the camera they had flown off. You'll just have to believe me that they're here.

Later on I'll drive over to Armeria to Dago's father-in-law's fish market for something tasty for dinner. I may stop and get more chips, too, since I think I'll make some salsa to serve with the fish and to nosh on with the chips.

Meanwhile, we've had Elias back again for yet more electrical problems. This one concerns the failure of our well pump. At first we thought it was a short in the circuitry but Elias said no, it's the pump itself. While he was here he installed all new circuit boxes and rewired some of the load so it is more evenly distributed between the upstairs and downstairs; we have two separate fuse boxes and there was too much on the upstairs box. Fernando came over this morning and nosed around and agreed that if Elias says it's the pump, it's the pump, not the wiring. So Mr. C and Fernando will drive over to Tecoman this afternoon to pick up a new pump. Fernando will install it and we'll see what happens. If it blows out after 5 seconds, it is NOT the pump.

I haven't been to our little biblioteca Las Palmas yet this year. Today's the day. I'll walk over this afternoon to check things out. Last year I think we counted over 5,000 books. I also have a couple of boxes to add to the holdings. I usually end up bringing things home to add to my stack of "To Read" and then end up taking most of it back at the end of the season, mostly unread. Too many choices.