Wednesday, December 28, 2011

easy Wednesday

With the excitement of the trust issue behind us, today was much more tranquil. I finally got to one of the clothing storage boxes I had packed in May when we left. When I opened it, the smell was of damp mold. But when I took out my T-shirts and shorts, they were absolutely pristine. With a couple of hours on the line in the sun they will be good as new. I always like this process; it's sort of like Christmas. I open the box and, Look! Shorts I haven't seen in a year! Shirts I had forgotten about! A few items will need a good washing tomorrow, especially the darks. But it is all in remarkably good condition.

This afternoon I went down to play a round of dominoes with Charlotte, the absolute doyenne of the gringo community. She is a stunningly beautiful woman who is about to turn 85 years very, very young. Sharp of mind, sassy of mouth, a treasure to be around. Best Charlotte comment of the afternoon: "I was a virgin until I was 26 and nobody seemed to notice." That's a line to save for my book about this insane place.

Mr. C went up to the jardin this morning and bought shredded beef b-b-q from Pepe for our dinner. It was delicious. Finished "Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight" today; I recommended it to Charlotte who lived and worked in Africa for many years. Now reading "The Street" by Ann Petry. Set in 1940's Harlen. A gem.

Dinner party tomorrow night. Serving quiche, salad, cantaloupe with Mr. C's vanilla ice cream. Can't wait.

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